5 Reasons to Sell Your Home THIS Summer

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Ask any real estate agent which season is the best to sell your home and they'll come up with a handful of reasons to sell or not to sell. Markets change as the seasons do and every year is different. Read on for our top five reasons to sell your home this summer.

1) Peak Curb Appeal

Your house is going to give a better first impression with more sunlight in the day and your landscaping in full bloom. Tidy up around the house (Check out our Spring Cleaning tips!) and make a few quick upgrades to your lawn because once the weather settles down, summer provides abundant opportunities to showcase your house to a new audience of...

2) New Family Buyers

Summer affords parents a break to spend more time looking for their new home. With the kids off at camp and longer days to duck away from work obligations, buyers are more likely to attend showings and open houses. With more people out and about, the for sale sign in your front yard will receive significantly more views than a cold winter day. Couple this with the fact that ...

3) Northwestern Vermont is a Sellers' Market

For a few years now, the Vermont real estate market has been a seller's dream. Of course, there is variation across each market segment, but in general, we see low home inventory and high demand. This dynamic leads to...

4) Bidding Wars

With a large pool of eager buyers competing for your house, you can expect more offers. If you maintain high curb appeal and price your home competitively (with the help of a Vermont Real Estate Company agent), then you can work the high-demand/low inventory climate to your advantage. This summer, you can price your home aggressively in order to...

5) Leverage the Spring Market Momentum

According to the April Market Statistics released by the Northwestern Board of Realtors, the sale price of single-family homes in Chittenden county was up 10.6% compared to April last year. That is an increase of $33,000 from $312,500 to $345,750. With higher comps in your neighborhood, you can price your home aggressively to maximize the markets potential!

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