Should I Sell My House Myself or Use a Realtor?

Updated: Feb 24

Too often, we hear about people who opt to sell their home on their own, only to find themselves in the Wild West, stressing when their buyer falls through while they're under contract for a new home. Avoid the headaches of listing your home yourself by using a qualified and experienced Realtor!

For Sale By Owner

These days, there are a ton of tools out there for sellers who are looking to forgo a listing commission and list their home For Sale By Owner, otherwise known as FSBO. A Google search of 'how to sell my home myself' will provide millions of articles and online platforms for home sellers. These tips and tools make listing your own home more accessible than ever before. However, FSBO still presents headaches and challenges that you could otherwise avoid by listing with a professionally trained Realtor®. Here's why you should list your home with a qualified listing agent:

We Manage Your Transaction From Day One, Past Closing. As soon as you sign with one of our listing agents, you get a ton of support to get your home sold.

Deciding on a Listing Price

Many FSBOs struggle with setting a realistic listing price at fair market value. Homeowners who are emotionally attached to their property risk listing at what they hope the home should sell for. Others lack the perspective and tools to accurately analyze the existing real estate market, leaving money on the table by listing their home under market value.

Vermont Real Estate Company agents have numerous tools and years of experience they leverage to help gauge the market and determine a competitive listing price. No one wants to lose sleep after selling their home, especially because they later learn that the house down the street sold for significantly more than what they got.

Marketing Your Property

Marketing is more than snapping a few photos, putting up a yard sign, and listing your home on the MLS. While several online tools help you put your listing on Zillow, you will need to put in a lot of effort to market your home to as many buyers as possible. We have marketing systems in place to get as much exposure to your home as possible. We leverage professional photography, home staging, advertising, personal and industry networks, social media, and more to get your home in front of buyers across Vermont and the country!

If you’re considering FSBO, consider Local Relo instead! Get the benefits of having an agent and only pay a little bit more!

Managing Buyers

Ask someone who's sold their home themselves and they might tell you it was a breeze. More likely though, they'll complain about the hassle of leaving work early to meet a buyer who was 'just looking,' answering the phone from interested buyers and managing open houses on the weekend. We not only qualify buyers before you even hear about them, but we also manage inspections, negotiate with demanding buyers, and give advice on when to accept an offer and when to move on.

Paperwork and Liability

While an attorney will help you close your deal at the finish line, there is a pile of paperwork required from a home seller. The list includes, but certainly isn't limited to,:

  • Proof of Title

  • Tax Documents

  • Mortgage Statement

  • Homeowners Insurance Records

  • Pre Inspection Report

  • Lead Disclosure

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • Appraisal Report

  • Closing Statement

  • and the list goes on!

While you can surely do your research and provide all the necessary paperwork, you probably don't carry Errors and Omissions Insurance. Also known as E&O, this coverage protects homeowners from mistakes in the paperwork. For instance, say we disclose that your roof was replaced ten years ago and carries a 20-year warranty. If you were mistaken and your buyer discovers that the warranty expired, our E&O Insurance protects you from any lawsuits brought on by the buyer.

Before you sell your home yourself, think about the value of your time and all of the details that go into selling a home. We provide smooth and seamless real estate transactions for our sellers because our listing agents manage every detail. From paperwork and marketing to inspections and demanding buyers, we are there to see your sale through to the end. Are you interested in selling your home with Vermont Real Estate Company or just want to hear our thoughts on the value of your home? Contact us today, and we'll come to you for a free market analysis!
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