Meet Aaron Scowcroft!

We are excited to welcome the latest edition to the Vermont Real Estate Company team, Aaron Scowcroft! Aaron has extensive experience in real estate both as a mortgage processor and agent. Read Aaron's story below!

"Vermont became a home for me in 2009, when I moved up from South Carolina. Since this transition, I attended college to obtain my degree in business management with a focus in Accounting. I joined a local credit union to try and establish a strong financial foundation and begin pursuing my career in Accounting, or so I thought!

After spending some time as a Mortgage Processor, I felt that after reviewing many appraisals, I wanted the opportunity to not only see these houses in person but interact with the people who were making these massive life-changing decisions. I decided to become licensed in real estate back in July of 2015, and have loved this industry ever since!

My motivation comes from my two sons, Noah and Winston, who have been the best support system I know (even though they don’t know that yet, they are too young!). I want to change the world, for the better, and it starts with being a monumental piece in someone’s life. Changing someone’s life comes from helping purchase or sell a home, getting involved in my community, or just being a genuinely positive person. After all, it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile!

Vermont has become a home for my family and me, and I intend to make it the same for you! Let’s make our community stronger and better every day… together!

All my best,

Aaron Scowcroft

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