Sellers Beware: Don't Spook Potential Buyers

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This Halloween we thought we would share some insight on listing photography to make sure your home’s first impression isn’t scaring away potential buyers.

When buyers are shopping around on our site, Zillow, or another Realtor's website, they are rarely reading the descriptions for the open floor plan minutes from downtown. They are looking at the photos first and foremost. The number of interested buyers in your property can significantly increase when they can place themselves in your bright and clean home. Here we’ve listed a few tips for when it comes time to shoot your home. But first, as a little treat here are a few of our favorite horrifyingly terrible listing photos from around the internet.

So to avoid being that house on the block here are a few tips when it comes to photographs for your listed home:

  1. Hire a professional real estate photographer! You might not think its worth it but investing in a professional is always the best option. Professional photographers have the experience and hardware to capture the interior and exterior of your house in ways that the latest iPhone can’t. Professionals can also utilize post-production editing to help with challenging rooms and angles.

  2. Declutter and remove eyesore! Don’t leave a pile of dishes in the sink or (un)folded clothes on the bed! These are such easy steps to make your photos shine that you would be remiss not to make the effort. Decluttering also means finding the optimal floor plan for your furniture. Maybe your couch is used most when directly in front of the flat screen, but the room might look better when it’s up against the wall. Consider rearranging to make a room stand out. Don’t wait for your real estate agent or photographer to do it for you either. Once your photo shoot is scheduled, start making moves to get your house in tip-top shape. Your hired team members will help stage rooms, and will, of course, move some obtrusive eyesores out of the photo, but they can’t be expected to clear two loads of laundry out of the guest bedroom.

  3. For Sale By Owner? Use a tripod and be mindful of shadows and lighting! Independent folks out there who want to sell their home themselves should also be aware of getting the best shot for their listing. If you are looking to save money at least invest in a tripod and a decent camera. Play with the flash setting and the lighting in a room until you get a beautiful warm photo that potential buyers would love to come home to.

  4. Take Fido to the Dog Park on the day of the shoot Pets can be a polarizing topic when it comes to selling your home. Potential buyers might not want to even look at the house if they knew that a dog lived there while other buyers won’t bat an eye. Eliminate the possibility of someone being turned off to your home by ensuring that your best friend isn’t included in any of your listing photos. A professional photographer will appreciate not having to work around your four-legged friend, and you or your agent won’t have to worry about unwanted photo-bombs.

Of course, when you work with Vermont Real Estate Company, you don’t have to worry about any of this. We will guide you through every step to get your home sold! We are there to present your house in the best possible light and will make sure you don’t forget to de-clutter, remember to take Fido out for a walk, and bring in the professional when needed.

Have a safe and happy Halloween and of course contact us if you're ready to sell your home and move to that neighborhood with the good candy!

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