Spring is Here! 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Sellers & Homeowners Alike!

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Spring is fast approaching in Burlington, Vermont. The time of year where we get the kids ready for soccer, dust off the fishing rods and golf clubs, and get the last harvest of spring corn at our favorite hill! It's also time for spring cleaning. Follow these five tips If you're thinking of selling during the upcoming spring market or you want this to be the year that you get the house in order!

1. Remove the clutter in your life!

Sign-in to your brother-in-law's Netflix account and binge a few episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. This will surely motivate you to reduce the clutter that piles up over the years. Clean and organized spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms provide a nice polish for potential buyers. Tackling these tasks won't just improve the chance of selling quickly - it will make you feel better too!

2. Pay attention to your landscaping!

You don't need to hire a professional landscaper to increase your homes curb appeal! Clear out overgrown vegetation and add some flower pots to areas in need of a little life and color. For some great local gardening tips check out Gardner's Supply!

3. Focus on areas you rarely pay attention to!

There are plenty of spots you might overlook, but guests and potential buyers certainly won't! Make sure to clean and dust light fixtures, toilet bodies, TVs, picture frames, handles, and glass!

4. Plan out your larger projects!

Make a list of large projects that you can't tackle in a day. Then break them down into smaller more manageable tasks that you can conquer throughout the year.

5. Maintain the lifestyle!

Probably the hardest tip to follow. Find ways to hold yourself accountable for keeping everything spotless. Some people reward themselves with trips or gifts - others entertain on a regular schedule so their guests can keep them honest.

If you already tackled your spring cleaning and are ready to sell your home contact us today! We'll be happy to hold you accountable :)

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